Location: Holladay, Ut

Phone: (801) 692-3553

Email: rrmanager@abcmrr.com

ABC Men’s Recovery Residence is conveniently located with easy access to public transit, supermarkets and covered parking. Offering newly furnished bedrooms and living areas that are welcoming and comfortable.

ABCMRR is an ATR approved access to recovery location with 12 beds for those looking to improve their living circumstances and thrive in sobriety.

Located in Holladay, UT, this house promotes safety, security and privacy for its residents

Our Mission:

ABC Men’s Recovery Residence is determined to help our residents believe in themselves and reconnect with day to day living.  We are committed to offering support, guidance and learning opportunities to help our clients engage with life and empower them to be contributors in their community! We provide a safe, comfortable, and peaceful environment that promotes well being.

Embracing today while moving forward in life