The ABC Men's Recovery Residence welcomes individuals serious about living a sober lifestyle

Residents are required to develop a personal recovery program that includes steps for recovery, day treatment, aftercare and a 12-step program.

Embracing today while moving forward in life

  • The ABC Men's Recovery Residence (ABC MRR) is fully licensed and operates under ethical standards. Our sober living model provides stability, structure and boundaries to avoid relapse in early recovery. Our independent living model seeks to balance autonomy with established rules and boundaries. This approach is designed to create a sense of community while clients build a life beyond addiction. Clients can have a vehicle, cell phone, computer and internet access. We encourage everyone to maintain their own schedule but ask each resident hold themselves accountable to the house and residents. Independence is vital to an individual's recovery and helps them move forward to a better life.  

  • ABC MRR works closely with our clients' treatment centers to understand their needs. We partner with our clients to accomplish their goals while building the life skills needed to be successful. Our staff works hard to support our clients to overcome obstacles while adjusting to living on their own to progress with confidence.  

  • The ABC MRR works with clients to build a support system within the recovery community as well as the general public to achieve a life without boundaries. All residents attend weekly meetings with our caring and supportive staff to review successes, challenges and identify the resources each individual needs to succeed.  

  • The ABC Men's Recovery Residence is perfectly located in Holladay within close proximity to shopping centers, grocery stores and restaurants. Public transportation routes run directly in front of the property. There is also plenty of space for parking. Our newly furnished property includes clean, comfortable beds, digital television in the common room as well as wi-fi and computer access. Together, these amenities provide a great place to build your future and create a life that is not only viable, but also rewarding.

Caring and Experienced Staff

Mike Smith - ABC MRR House Manager

Amir Haskic - ABC MRR Mentor & Accountability Coach